What’s The Danger in Buying a Replica Louis Vuitton?

You might not think there’s any harm in buying a fake Louis Vuitton bag, or jewelry piece, or other replica LV item. Unfortunately, you’re dangerously wrong. Counterfeiters—the people who make replica Louis Vuitton items—work illegally, stealing designs from the hardworking artists at Louis Vuitton and using them to make flimsy LV knock offs that don’t do any good for the customer who buys them, or for the economy as a whole. An imitation Louis is more than a poorly made fashion nightmare—it is a symbol of a poisonous illegal industry. Ask yourself: is it fair to your community to buy an illegal Louis Vuitton replica whose makers don’t even pay taxes on their illicit sales? The answer is clear: Counterfeit Louis Vuitton is a bad choice every single time. The only true way to protect yourself is to go to one of the two places where you know you’ll find quality genuine Louis products: either Louis Vuitton’s official web site, or an LV boutique near you. If you buy genuine, and warn your friends about the dangers of imitation Louis Vuitton, then we’re one step closer to stopping counterfeiters from spreading their cheap LV replicas.